ASA Route-Based VPN (VTI) with Fortigate Firewall

Aug 01, 2019 How to configure IPSec VPN Between Cisco ASA and Palo Alto Steps to configure IPSec Tunnel in Cisco ASA Firewall. Now, we will configure the IPSec Tunnel in Cisco ASA Firewall. Here, in this example, I’m using the Cisco ASA Software version 9.8(1). Although, the configuration of the IPSec tunnel is the same in other versions also. We need to configure the following steps to configure IPSec on Cisco ASA: Fortinet vs Cisco — TechExams Community I had a sales guy come in here and pitch me some fortigate firewalls at me. I'm not really a Cisco or WAN guy so I was hoping some of my good friends on TE could clue me in on information. Which is better: Fortigate or ASA? I've had a fortigate firewall that I managed about 5 years ago and I hated it. Is it any better? Features desired:

ASA Route-Based VPN (VTI) with Fortigate Firewall | IPsec

IPsec Site-to-Site VPN FortiGate <-> Cisco ASA Lab. FortiGate. Here are the screenshots from the Forti GUI. The new Custom VPN Tunnel with the IP address of the other Cisco ASA. A new group policy with IPsec IKEv1 enabled. The Connection Profile: IP address of the FortiGate, protected Technical Tip: IPSec VPN between a FortiGate and a Cisco FortiGate IPsec VPN Solution If the Cisco ASA unit has multiple subnets configured, make sure that on the FortiGate unit multiple Phase2's are used or created instead of including multiple subnets on … IKEv1 Site to Site VPN between FortiGate and Cisco ASA

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Example customer gateway device configurations for dynamic Cisco ASA running Cisco ASA 9.7.1+ Cisco IOS running Cisco IOS 12.4+ F5 Networks BIG-IP running v12.0.0+ Fortinet Fortigate 40+ Generic configuration for dynamic routing. H3C MSR800 running version 5.20. IIJ SEIL/B1 running SEIL/B1 3.70+ Juniper J-Series … Fortigate vs Cisco ASA - Firewalls - Spiceworks Aug 17, 2015 Configuration Example: IPsec VPN between a FortiGate unit