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Connect with a wired connection. If your router and your TV are quite close to each other, you can plug a cable directly from your router into the 'LAN port' on the back of the TV. If the cable doesn't reach but you still want to use a wired connection, you can use 'Powerline' adapters to send the internet signal through the wiring in your house. How to set up your LG TV - LG TV Settings Guide: What to Begin the setup process. The setup process starts by pressing the Enter button. Even though it isn't … How to pair Bluetooth devices to your LG TV - LG TV Jul 25, 2019 How to Connect Android Phone to TV (4 Different Options

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If you've recently bought new a television from a big brand like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, TCL, Hisense or Sony in the last year it's likely that you’re going to need to connect it to the internet in order to get the most from it.. Most brand new TVs these days rely on and use the internet to access online services like IPTV, video-on-demand movies, streaming services like Netflix, weather

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