Since you can’t access your email address anymore due to it having been blocked by Hotmail, the best you can (try to) do is contact Twitter Support about it and see what they can do to help. It may be hard to solve the problem though if you can’t

How to Deactivate a Twitter Account: 5 Steps (with Pictures) Log into your Twitter account from a computer. Twitter deactivation is only available from the … If You Deactivate Your Twitter Can Someone Else Take Your Before you deactivate your Twitter account, you have the option to retain your email address and twitter username so that it remains available to you, and no one can use it. Here are the steps to follow: Open Twitter on a web browser. Click ‘Settings’ icon that you would see under the profile icon. How To Delete Your Twitter Account (Permanently!) - 2020 Bored to use Twitter? and want to delete your Twitter account permanently. Lets see how you could do that. How to delete your twitter account in seconds. In this blog post, we'll show the steps of deleting your Twitter account permanently. Please read our post before deleting your account. Famoid Blog - 2020

Click "My Account" and click the orange box that says "Get Started" under "Download or Delete Your Account." Click "Get Started" to delete your account. Steven John/Business Insider

The username and email address on a deactivated account are available for use on another account 30 days after the account was deactivated. Within those 30 days, the information remains tied to the deactivated account to allow for reactivation. I tried to reactivate, but it says account reactivation is currently disabled Help with locked or limited account - Twitter

How to delete an old (inaccessible) Twitter account of

Can You Deactivate Twitter & Come Back?. If spammers are targeting your business on Twitter, you can disable your Twitter account temporarily. You can disable it for up to 30 days without losing your tweets, favorites, lists and followers. You can reactivate the account at any time during these 30 days and all How To Deactivate Or Delete Your Twitter Account? Aug 08, 2019 How to delete Twitter account - Android Authority Dec 02, 2016 How to delete my old Twitter account if I no longer have How do I retrieve my Twitter account if the email has been changed by hacker? Somebody has created a Twitter account on my name.How can I delete this? Rick Rouse, Tech Blogger at Rick's Daily Tips. Answered January 23, 2018 · Author has 288 answers and 1.1M answer views.