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What you need to do is take the long but thin metal stick and push down, through the white holes (located on both the top and bottom of the Xbox 360) where the clips of the gray side pieces connect. How do i take the cover off my xbox 360? | Yahoo Answers 2009-2-11 · damfine asked in Consumer Electronics Games & Gear Xbox · 1 decade ago How do i take the cover off my xbox 360? it just stopped working and i just got it! it keeps saying open tray when there is a game in it. anyone know what i can do because i don't want to send it in. How to Take Apart & Clean an Xbox 360 Power Supply « … YouTuber xCrAnKsHoTx teaches you how to take a apart an Xbox 360 power supply, aka power brick, in order to clean it. This could help prevent any red light issues, or overheating in the long run, so it's good to do as maintenance every year or two to remove all the dust in there. 25 Best Xbox 360 Co-Op Games of All Time - Twinfinite 2018-4-23 · Gears of War 3 caps off what was one of the best franchises on the Xbox 360. Gears of War 3 upped the ante with a four player co-op campaign, as …

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okay here is how you take a Xbox slim apart for you who do not understand i will put a text tutorial step 1 get three tools Philips flat head,tork 10 screwdriver,regular screwdriver For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "timer/video/audio quality info on Netflix in upper left hand corner". How to Disassemble a Xbox 360: This instructable requires overcoming the fear of playing with the innards of a $350 piece of equipment. The system is built with a sturdy steel chassis and requires Torx T8 and T10 screwdrivers to open. Sep 22, 2008 · Remove top and bottom gray mesh panels by prying them off with any small objects by inserting them into holes on the sides of the xbox console at the left, middle, and right points where you can see the grey tabs and pushing in to release the catches.

Torx T8 & T10 Screwdrivers - The console is held together with Torx screws, these screwdrivers are easy to find and quite cheap. If you are hoping to open a Xbox 360 controller, you will need a Security Torx T8H. The best ones I've found are from Llamma's Tool Section. Small Flathead Screwdrivers/Paper Clips - Used to hold open the friction locks of the 360 front cover.

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