As a hacker how do you configure your wireless home router

How to configure a Router to work as a DHCP Server. First we are going to configure serial port of router. Router>enable Router#configure terminal Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Router(config)#interface se0/0/0 Router(config-if)#ip address Router(config-if)#no shutdown Router(config-if)#exit Now we will configure fast Ethernet Port of Router How-to Configure Router on a Stick - Cisco - Spiceworks So that is how you configure Router-On-A-Stick, pretty simple eh? As mentioned above this is NOT a good solution for big networks but for your average small - medium sized organization this will do the trick of routing between VLANs without a Layer 3 switch. Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom. Thank you for reading this paper. How to configure your router using VTY shell |

ii. Connecting devices together iii. Checking the router’s LEDs iv. Configuring a Linksys router for Cable Internet connection QUICK TIP: To reconfigure a previously used router, reset the router to factory defaults. To do this, press and hold the Reset button of your router for 10 seconds.. The Reset button is usually located at the back of the router.

Setting Up a Router VPN: The Ultimate Guide | TheBestVPN To set up both routers correctly, the first thing you need to do is configure your primary router to enable VPN passthrough. By activating this feature, you allow any device connected to your primary router to run VPN client software. Once activated, you need to connect your primary and secondary routers. The basic setup goes like this: How do I adjust the settings of my home router? Oct 07, 2019

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Is it possible to set up a new wireless router without a Jul 08, 2018