Teens Can Bypass Your Parental Controls like OpenDNS

Whats Not Working: OpenDNS Content filtering no longer works with the "Desired Setup", I'm guessing the DNS Resolver is resolving the fqdn itself instead of forwarding requests to OpenDNS. Here's an imgur gallery of the "desired setup" and pihole if anyone can spot any obvious config issues. Enabling open dns | AT&T Community Forums Jun 03, 2018 Force OpenDNS and Safe Search on a vlan only - MikroTik

How to Bypass a DNS Block (And Access Blocked Websites

I didn't know OpenDNS is compatible with modem/router combos. Have you heard of anyone to get it to work on that model gateway? I found as post here describing why it might not work; "When parental controls are enabled, the router does *not* pass its configured DNS servers to clients (either those obtaining DNS servers automatically or those configured with the gateway router's IP address as How to Use OpenDNS on Your Devices - iTechGyan There are two things you can do here: you can either change the DNS address on computers you want to force through OpenDNS, or you can change to OpenDNS on your router and then change the DNS address on each computer you don’t want traffic to pass through OpenDNS. The method is the same, the main difference is the addresses you will be inputting.

Jun 28, 2020

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