The following are the top 10 world news events of 2001 selected by Xinhua. The top 10 world news includes those cocerning the important issues and events in politics, economy, sci-tech, sports, etc. The events are arranged in chronological order:

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The Top Ten Movies of 2001 - List Challenges The Top Ten Movies of 2001 show list info Here is a another list for all of you list lover fans. 2001, a year that totally should the entire world of what Hollywood and Cinema can do with special effects ( CGI) in movies.

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Best of 2001 - Critics' Top 10 - CriticsTop10 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is the film that will be remembered from 2001, but five films appeared on more top 10 lists than the first LOTR film. Ghost World led the way, appearing on 133 of the 258 lists from 2001. 50. Faithless (10 lists; 1 top spot) “Bergman is nothing if not an artist finely focused on secret narrative weaponry and snowballing decimation, and before The 100 Best Pop Songs of 2001 Will Make You Dance May 24, 2019